Property Management Services for Landlords Across Auckland and North Shore

Whether you are a new or existing landlord, here at Shoreline Property Management, we offer a selection of property management services to relieve you from the pressure and stress of letting or managing your Auckland or North Shore property. Our work ethos is about attention to detail, transparency, and return on investment.

Shoreline Property Management provides property management solutions that add value for landlords and their assets. As a boutique property management firm, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the highest level of service to our landlords through effective communication, stress-free property maintenance, and utilizing the best resources.

Our services are designed so that your role as the landlord is only to sit back and relax. We will look after your rental property as if it was our own and help you build your portfolio for the years to come.

Shoreline Property Management Process

Before The Start of a Tenancy

Legislative compliance

As a landlord, you must comply with all legislations in regards to smoke alarms, insulations, heating, ventilation and more. Landlords must also make sure their property is safe and fit for rent. You can check all the tenancy related information on

Thankfully, we have been in the industry for over a decade, our property managers have comprehensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Law and all legislations and legal requirements relating to property management, renting and letting. We can assist you to go through all the necessary steps to ensure your property meets the statutory requirements to rent.

Rent appraisals

Our experienced team will determine the most accurate figures and provide you an independent and reliable assessment of your rental property by combining advanced software analytics tools with our depth of experience in Auckland property management, current demand, type of property, and historical rent fluctuations for the area. We will provide a rent range you can expect to get for your property and set a start price to begin marketing with. Arrange your rental appraisal today.

Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising

A vacant property means money loss for you. That’s why we advertise your property on high traffic rental and classified websites including,, and other social media platforms at minimum cost. If required, we also put up a professional street sign “For Rent” to add exposure and capture prospective tenants passing by.

Property Viewings

Property viewings are conducted by our experienced property managers. We will arrange open homes to show the property to the prospective tenants. If you have existing tenants in the property, we will also make sure they are well-informed before the viewings. Whether it is viewing after hours, during the weekend or weekday, we will communicate between all parties involved to ensure that your property is rented with the minimum hassle and vacant time.

Tenant Screening and Selection

We take pride in our ability to find and match the right tenant with the right property. Every tenant application is evaluated based on criminal background, credit and reference checks. Once we find a qualified tenant, we will then inform you. Only after your approval will we sign the contract with the new tenant.

Tenancy Agreements and Entry Inspections

Once a tenant application is approved by the landlord, we prepare a legally binding tenancy agreement as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. This includes tenancy information such as rent amount, type of agreement, tenancy start and end dates, bond payment, etc. We also explain to the tenant our policies, services and requirements during the tenancy.

We conduct a thorough initial property inspection at the start of each tenancy with the tenant to avoid problems in the future. All findings during inspection are entered into a detailed inspection report, and the new tenants are required to check this report and sign acceptance of the property.

Bond Collection and Lodgement

We collect a minimum of 4 weeks’ rent as a bond from the tenant and lodge it with Tenancy Services on behalf of the landlord. This bond could cover unpaid rent, damage to the property or any claim(s) relating to the tenancy. Once bond has been received in full, we pass keys from the property to the new tenant. Bonds will not be released until a final inspection has been carried out and all parties are satisfied the property has been left in a clean and tidy condition with no damage and all rent money has been paid.

During a Tenancy

Rent Collection and Monitoring

For rent to be paid seamlessly and on time, we strongly encourage tenants to set up online automatic rent payments. Rent payments and other expenses to be paid by the tenant are monitored on a daily basis. Our zero tolerance rent arrears policy kicks in immediately if a payment is not received on the due date.

Regular Property Inspections

Routine inspections on behalf of landlords, are an essential part of the property management process to ensure the tenants are taking care of your property. Our dedicated property managers will visit your property every 3 months or as required by you or your insurance company. Documentation and photographs from these inspections assist in determining needed maintenance and repairs to maintain your home’s value and avoid costly repairs if left unattended. If there are any issues caused by the tenant, we will inform them in writing, organise repair work and re-inspect the property.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance is a necessary expense in owning a rental property, and the return on your investment can be significantly impacted without timely, cost-effective repairs. When handled by us, you’ll save time and money, ensuring repairs are completed professionally by trustworthy maintenance personnel. We will also provide all invoices issued to our property owners.

Tenancy Tribunal

Our team stays up to date on all changes in NZ tenancy laws, so we can help you stay compliant with all regulations. If a legal issue arises, our experts will ensure it is handled properly. In the event that a representative from the landlord is needed in the Tenancy Tribunal Hearings, we can attend on your behalf and provide updates of all events. We aim to resolve problems in the fastest possible time frame to minimise your costs, so we end up in the Tenancy Tribunal in the very rare situations.

Payments and Reporting

You will be paid once or twice a month by electronic transfer. Statements are sent monthly either by email or standard mail that includes all income and expenditure for the month. We also provide a Year End Statement for your accountant. You can easily track your property management fees, financial statements and account on our online owner portal.

End of Tenancy

End of Tenancy Process

When a property manager receives notification that the tenant wishes to vacate the property, we will contact you to discuss the next steps forward to ensure your property is tenanted as quickly as possible. With your consent, we will start advertising and looking for new tenants once we confirm the moving out date with our current tenants.

We also conduct end of tenancy inspections before the existing tenant moves out to ensure your property has been left in good condition. Bonds are never refunded unless all rents and water bills are paid up to date and any damage is accounted for. Where the bond does not cover any damage, then applications are made through the Tenancy Tribunal to have the tenants made responsible for reimbursement of damage costs.

Thinking about letting your home?

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