Maintenance Request Form

It is the policy of Shoreline Property Management that all maintenance requests MUST be submitted in writing. Only emergency repairs will be accepted over the phone or via text.

General maintenance requests are made by completing this form. It is Shoreline Property Management’s responsibility to undertake this type of maintenance, but we require permission from the landlord before we organise the maintenance work. Once the landlord approves of the maintenance work, a contractor will be organised to come and fix the problem. They will contact you directly to arrange for a convenient time to visit and repair the approved damage.

Before you fill out a Maintenance Request form, please check our solutions for common problems below:



If you discover you have no gas or hot water, contact Vector Gas faults on 0800 764 764 or visit first, and check if there is a fault in the area.

If you are having problems with a gas hot water system, check that the pilot light is on – if the pilot light is off, check the instructions on the system on how to relight it. In addition to this, you can also adjust the temperature of the hot water system, as per the instructions.

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Try using a drain cleaner or hair unclogger which you can buy from local hardware stores if you cannot unblock the sink/drain

with a plunger. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully, as these chemicals are corrosive substances. You should wear gloves at all times, and open the windows to have fresh air circulating the room. The drain cover can be lifted in most sinks and bathroom showers to remove the blockage – check if this is possible first.

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If waste disposal is not working, please check:

  • The waste disposal is properly plugged into the wall socket.
  • The safety switch is turned on.
  • If the sink or blade of the waste disposal is blocked, make sure you unplug or turn off the power before you try to reach down and pull out the food or waste. Do not reach down the waste disposal with your hand. Please use a long tong to extract the items. You can turn the waste disposal back on once it is unblocked.

[IMPORTANT]: please make sure the waste disposal is completely turned OFF and unplugged before trying to put tools down to the sink.

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-In the case of having no water or is there is a leak at the roadside meter, check the valves beneath appliances to determine whether

they have been turned off and check the local water authority to determine whether there are any leaks or water shortages. They can also advise you how to check for a leak if you have received a high water bill.

– If there is a water leak in your house, please turn off the tap or main switch to prevent further loss or damage. Call your property manager immediately.

– If you cannot identify where the leak is, we may ask you to take a leaking test:

  • Find the water meter, which is usually located in the front of the property. Open the lid of the box to see the meter readings.
  • Read the water meter the night before, then first thing in the morning, and make sure no one uses any water during the night. The two readings should be the same if there is no water leaking. For more information about the water leak test, please visit the Watercare website.
  • If the two readings are different, please contact your property manager by email with a completed maintenance request form immediately.

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If you are a new tenant, you will need to arrange a power connection and account with a provider of your choice.

If you are an existing tenant then:

  • Check the fuse box to determine whether a fuse has blown or been tripped, and then the electricity board for known local power failures. If it happens again, unplug all appliances and turn off all power switches. Then turn on the appliance one by one to see which is causing the trip. If the appliance belongs to you, then you will need to fix the issue. If the appliance belongs to the landlord, please contact your property manager.
  • Please go outside to check if there is a power cut or fault in your area. If yes, please contact your power providers.

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If you hear a sharp beeping from your smoke alarm, please check if there is a fire or smoke in the house immediately. If you cannot see fire

or smoke, please replace the battery or give the smoke alarm a reset.

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If the problem continues, please fill out our maintenance request form below and attach photos of the issue.


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